Joshua Bassnet Came out

Joshua Bassett actually came out? He couldn’t help himself.

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Did Joshua Bassett really come out?

High School Musical: The Musical: The Series star, Joshua Bassett, recently answered some fan questions and Joshua said something that made people go crazy. The 20-year-old Joshua Bassett was answering some fan questions, and one fan asked him, “What is it about Harry Styles that you admire?”

For which Joshua answered:

“What I admire is that he is a very classy man, he’s also very well rounded and he kinda does it all acting, singing, fashion, and I think that he’s a nice guy, doesn’t say too much but when he talks its matters what he says, and it’s just, ugh, like he’s cool. He’s cool. Who doesn’t think Harry Styles is cool? Also, he’s hot, you know. He’s very charming too. A lot of things. This is also my coming out video I guess.”

And fans couldn’t stop after what he said. He was in the limelight after an alleged relationship with Driver’s License singer and his co-star from HSMTMTS, Olivia Rodrigo, and Girl Meets World star, Sabrina Carpenter. People also assumed that the Driver’s License was about him. In effect, Joshua was in the news for a long time.

Twitter has flooded with reactions after this moment.

karolinavega writes “everything I’ve learned about Joshua Bassett/Olivia Rodrigo/Sabrina Carpenter drama has been against my will BUT I’ve got to admit Joshua casually coming out is one hell of a plot twist and I’m living for it…”

filmforvictoria writes “Joshua Bassett really got Olivia and Sabrina metaphoring him to death and he wants harry styles 😭😭”

clarkvolo on Twitter writes “So you are telling me that this generation’s Vanessa Hudgens (Olivia Rodrigo) and this generation’s Ashley Tisdale (Sabrina Carpenter) were fighting for this generation’s Zac Efron (Joshua Bassett) who turned out queer?”

But some people really do think that Bassett was actually joking when he said that. Also, he spoke about toxic masculinity, and maybe he was just praising Harry Styles, or is he?

But it’s up to you what you think about this. Do you really think he came out of the closet or is it just that he was joking about it? Let us know.

Also the new season of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series is premiering on 14th May, 2021.

Internet is going Crazy about this . Here are some tweets done by his fans.

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