lied yourself?

Ever lied to yourself? (Poem, quote, Sayings, and status)

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Have you ever lied?
You said you are ok while the pain was strangling you
You smiled at those things that forcibly curved your lips
Dropped the tears from your right eye keeping the left one close
These are lies that you tell others
But have you ever lied to yourself?

Looking at the mirror saying “I’m fine”
While wanna shatter your reflection into pieces
On the street, you say “I wanna die “
But when a vehicle comes, you move behind
Get this feeling of cutting off your fingers
And then get a feeling how much it will hurt
Randomly thinking of leaving the house or the city
The next moment you think about the struggle you will face
All these lies you tell yourself
Indeed, Being perfect for others, you lose yourself
Faking the things that you are not
You become the one that you definitely are not

Have you ever lied to yourself?

Ok now look at the moon
Turn off your lights

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check out Love is Pain.

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