Latest news about Pearl V Puri

Is Pearl V Puri innocent? Latest news about Pearl V Puri

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Pearl V Puri arrested in alleged rape case

One of the most popular actors in Indian Television, Pearl V Puri, 31, has been accused of raping and molesting a 5-year-old girl (Kiara Sharma). The victim’s family filed a case against him, and he has been arrested.

Badtameez Dil, Nagarjuna Ek Yoddha, Meri Saasu Maa, Naagin 3, Bepannah Pyaar, and Brahmarakshas Phir Jaag Utha Shaitan are only a handful of Pearl V Puri’s Indian television serials. Puri was seized late at night from his Mumbai residence on June 4. Pearl V Puri is presently being kept in Vasai for 14 days in judicial custody. He faces rape and molestation charges under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offenses (POSCO) Act.

The girl’s father breaks his silence.

Amid all this drama, the father of the victim explicitly came out and issued a statement. According to his testimony, he never named anyone and accused them; instead, it was his daughter who named the accused. He also goes on to say that the victim named the accused with his screen name, which is Raghbir. Puri’s role in Bepanah Pyaar is titled Raghbir. The victim verified it was him when she saw the picture of him.

Medical evidence also pointed to the girl’s molestation. She also supplied the magistrate with 164 statements in which she repeated the same tale and person.

Talking about bad relationships and failed marriage issues, the statement says that the major issue is being diverted.

Latest news about Pearl V Puri
Via Instagram

Since this case surfaced, a lot of other popular television actors and actresses have come to support Pearl V Puri saying that he is innocent.

In fact, Ekta Kapoor, the producer of his show Naagin 3 and Bepannah Pyaar, opened up her support for Pearl on her Instagram post. Kapoor writes a long lengthy caption that reads,

“Will I support a child molester… or a molester of any kind? But what I witnessed from last night to now, was the absolute low in human depravity. How can humanity go to this level? How can people who are upset with each other, drag a third person into their own fight? Like, How can a human being take on another human being and do this?

After various calls with the child’s/girl’s mother, who openly said that Pearl was not involved and it’s her husband trying to create stories to keep her child and prove that a working mother on a set cannot take care of her kid.
If this is true then it is wrong on so many levels! Using an extremely important movement like ‘Me Too’ frivolously, to get your own agendas met with and mentally torturing a child and making an innocent person guilty.

I have no right to decide, the courts will decide who is right & wrong.
My opinion only comes from what the girl’s mother said to me last night & that is – Pearl is innocent … and it is very very sad if people are using various tactics to prove working mothers are unable to take care of their children because there are predators on the set. I have all the voice notes and messages between the child’s mother and me which clearly points to the false allegations being put on Peral.

The film industry is as safe or as unsafe as any other business. To give it a bad name to get your agenda sorted is the lowest form of low ever.
If by chance, Pearl is proved innocent, I request people to look more deeply into how the important & much-needed movement in today’s time, is being used unfairly reducing the gravitas of the situation. May justice prevail!”

Ekta Kapoor
Ekta Kapoor Instagram
Via Instagram

After all this, the mother of the victim, Ekta Sharma, finally issued a public statement that reads,

“A lot of people are calling and asking me to come to the media and speak. My silence should not be constructed as my weakness. My respect and faith in the judiciary have made me take this step. Many people have chosen to ridicule me and my daughter in public which is not permissible by law. Publicizing a victim’s name in public is an offense. I choose to remain silent as I am not the complainant in the case. Whatever is true shall come out.”

Ekta Sharma (victim’s mother)

She further adds,

“The matter is subjudice and here I am not speaking to anyone as the custody case is pending in the High Court and it’s my earnest request to all that please don’t make a mockery of the legal system as I have given my statement to the concerned authorities. Let the truth prevail.”

Ekta Sharma (victim’s mother)

To emphasize, other prominent faces of the Hindi Tv industry showing their support are :

Puri’s co-star from Naagin 3, Surbhi Jyoti, also showed her support with an Instagram post saying,

“Here’s to one of the sweetest person I know.
Let’s wait for the truth to come out.
I’m with you my friend.
Stay Strong.”

Surbhi Jyoti
Pearl V Puri and Surbhi Joshi
Via Instagram

Anita Hassanandani Reddy, his another co-star from Naagin 3 writes,

“Woke up to some nonsensical news about @pearlpuri
I know him! It is NOT true … Cannot be true … all lies. I’m sure there is more to it. And the truth will be out soon.
Love you @pearlvpuri

Anita Hassanandani Reddy
Pearl V Puri and Anita Hasnandani
Via Instagram

Jamai Raja fame TV actress Nia Sharma tweets,

“Dear privileged Girls and Women, Do not make the heinous allegations of rape and molestation so frivolously and casual that it ceases to hold any value for posterity.
@pearlvpuri You have my support.”

Nia Sharma

Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hai fame actress Krystle D’souza also supported the accused and wrote,

“I know @pearlvpuri and he is one of the nicest boys I’ve met in our tv industry. A thorough gentleman. Please don’t jump to conclusions on baseless allegations.
Let’s wait for the truth to come out.”

Krystle D’souza
 krystal Dsouza Instagram
Via Instagram

Similarly, Kumkum Bhagya fame actor Ankit Mohan also stood by Puri and wrote,

“Please do not jump to conclusions, it’s an extremely sensitive matter.
Having worked with him, we know such a good human that he is.
The truth shall prevail.

Ankit Mohan

Pearl’s friends indeed came into his support with full forces.

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