Tommy Shelby (Peaky Blinders, age, actor, Grace, Family)

Tommy Shelby (Peaky Blinders, age, Grace, Family)

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Thomas Shelby is a fictional character and the protagonist in the British crime dramas series, Peaky Blinders. An Irish actor, Cillian Murphy played the character of Thomas Selby (Tommy). Tommy Shelby is the director of the Birmingham and Peaky Blinders crime company. However, Tommy is an old-timer of the First World War. Developed in Birmingham, England, the show focuses on the life of Shelby, his family, and the crimes. The series also looks at Tommy’s relationship with Grace and Lizzy, and confrontation with Campbell and Alfie Solomons.

Tommy Shelby quotes and sayings
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Facts about Tommy Shelby:

Real name : Thomas Michael Shelby

Height: 5 feet 7 inch

Family: Polly Gray (aunt)

Arthur Shelby (brother)

John Shelby (brother)

Finn Shelby (brother)

Ada Throne (sister)

Micheal Gray (cousin)

Wife: Grace Shelby, Lizzy Shelby

Eye color: Blue

Hairstyle: Mug cut

Story line of Peaky Blinders & Tommy Shelby

Season 1

Peaky Blinders
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Tommy leads the peaky blinders to gun dealers. He also organizes illegal horse races. Later, he meets Grace. Grace is actually an undercover spy under Campbell to find Tommy’s firearms. Tommy and Grace fall in love after a sequence of events. When Campbell asks where the weapons are kept, Grace tells him where they are kept on one condition: Campbell must leave Tommy and his family alone. Tommy kills Kimber, who belongs to the Lee family. Shelby finds out that Grace betrayed him and confronts her, but Grace says she loves him and leaves for London.

Season 2

Tommy Shelby unexplored (Peaky Blinders, age, Grace, Family)
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Tommy and his brothers decide to get familiar with the London scene and cause some scenes at Darby Sabini’s club. Tommy is brutally battered, but Campbell rescues him because Winston Churchill, the prime minister, believes Tommy can be valuable to them. He falls in love with May Carleton, who is a horse trainer, but Grace returns, and he goes back to her. He also meets Alfie Solomons, a gang leader, and tells him that they should team up against Sabini. Tommy and his men steal Sabini’s license and bookies in the horse race. On the other hand, Ulster Volunteers manage to apprehend him and bring him to an open field. On Winston Churchill’s instructions, however, Tommy is rescued. Grace also reveals that she is expecting a child.

Season 3

Thomas and Grace
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Tommy is happily married to Grace. And the pair has a son called Charlie. Here, he battles with the Russians, leading to the death of Grace and the kidnapping of Charlie. The main antagonist of this season is Father Hughes, who is very much trusted by the Russian royals. Tommy has a love interest in Tatiana Petrovna, a Russian princess. Tommy and his family, are jailed towards the end of the season.

Season 4

Tommy Shelby unexplored (Peaky Blinders, age, Grace, Family)
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Tommy and his family deal with a mafia threat, the Changrettas. Also after a series of incidents and defeating the mafias, he kills Alfie Solomans for his betrayal. He goes on a holiday after this, and after returning he wins the election for Member of Parliament.

In the fifth season, Tommy is now a member of parliament. Also, the crisis arrives for him and his family due to the crash of Wall Street in the USA. A number of politicians are courting Thomas, because of his enormous potential. His mental health suffers as a result, and he begins hallucinating Grace. The season ends with him pointing a gun to his head after seeing a hallucination of Grace.

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